So if you live in New York City or its outer boroughs and dealing with refrigerator problem, no matter if it is an upper or bottom freezer, side-by-side, french door or built-in refrigerator, do not wait, contact us for the best in the industry refrigerator repair service.


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Our reasonably priced services will allow you to get the best appliance repair service at an affordable rate. We back up our work with a 100% Guarantee. Our technicians are professionally trained and have more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

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Fixing your refregirator is a big priority – especially if you have a lot of food in it – which could potentially be spoilt.

If you are looking for a reliable refrigerator repair service, look no further. We provide our customers with fast, reliable and affordable refrigerator repair for residential home repair.

Appliance Pros Group is your one-stop solution for refrigerator maintenance, repair needs. No job is too big or too small, and each job receives the personal attention it deserves. We will provide you with an estimate that you approve before we perform any refrigerator or appliance repair. 

Common Refrigerator faults we repair

  • Thermostat Replacement

If your refrigerator (fridge and freezer) stops running we can replace the thermostat with a genuine manufacturers part for optimal reliability.


  • Poor temperature control

If your top shelves seem warmer than the bottom in the fridge compartment or the temperature appears fine in the morning but deteriorates during the day is one of the more common problems we see. 
This is often symptomatic of an underlying issue which requires intervention to ensure safe storage temperatures .


  • Fridge Compartment is warm but freezer is normal

A common problem that we repair successfully on a regular basis.


  • Excessive Frost

Excessive frost is abnormal in a freezer and affects the temperature. We can identify the cause to minimize it.


  • Water and Ice

If your Water Dispenser stops flowing or drips we can help. If your Ice-Maker stops producing ice we can repair or replace the necessary components.


  • Ice on the floor of the freezer

A frequent fault which usually gets worse and the expanding ice can be potentially very destructive. We can eliminate the cause and save lasting damage.


  • Water Leaks

Water Leaks can easily be repaired but if not addressed quickly can seep into the insulation of the appliance, damage surrounding kitchen cabinets, stain or warp flooring and help promote mold under floor coverings. We would urge owners to act immediately if a leak occurs.


  • Fridge Light Bulbs

A simple bulb replacement can make a world of difference, We supply all types.


  • Noise

Unusual mechanical noises or beeping can come and go. We can help you get a night's rest.

We provide Maintenance Services

Need Refrigerator service?

We provide maintenance services which can help you to keep your refrigerator running without interruptions. Our new program Appliance Quality Health Check is not only affordable but will often save you money by noticeably reducing your energy bill. 

A badly maintained appliance can struggle to achieve it's target temperature efficiently.
Protect the investments you have already made with high quality maintenance, catching smaller issues before they develop into a more expensive repair or replacement.

We can monitor and check your refrigerator conditions to help identify issues before they give rise to potential problems.

We can schedule a regular visit to help keep your appliance at peak efficiency and change filters if required.

When you need top-notch refrigerator, fridge or freeezer repair services, all you have to do is put your trust in Appliance Pros Group. We’re a skilled business that caters to customers all throughout New York City and outer boroughs, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. We’re headquartered in the bustling Big Apple as well. 

Invite one of certified technician from Appliance Pros Group and join thousands of happy customers all around New York City. Results are very satisfying! We can provide same day refrigerator repair service of any major brand and dispatch trained and certified technitions to resolve problems with your refrigerator, freezer or fridge .   

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